The Relationship Seen in CCTV Footage


How close were Son Jung Min and “Mister A” before the tragic drowning that took SJM’s life after he disappeared for five days on April 25, 2021? Let’s check the receipts on newly obtained CCTV footage. Many have speculated why an acquaintance would call the 22-year-old medical student out of the blue to have drinks so late at the Banpo Riverside Park at the last minute. The two were fellow schoolmates studying medicine at university, but text messages between Son and another friend who declined to join indicates that there may have been a recent drifting of ways between “Mister A” and Son Jung Min’s friend group.

Though we’ve been able to see text messages from Son’s phone, hear about how the two guys have gone on trips together (could be group events), and studied together, even Son’s parents are confused by Mister A’s family. On the one hand, Son’s parents say Mister A’s parents claim the two guys are close enough to be impromptu drinking pals, but not close enough to wake up one’s family during a time of emergency with a phone call.

Here are some new video clips in higher resolution that show more interaction between the two guys. It should give a more human element to this tragic story and shed more light upon how the two were interacting before the night took a twisted turn during the early morning hours of April 25, 2021.

Signal Season #1:

Forensic Files “Drowning Sorrows”:

Introduction to Forensic Psychology:


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