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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Blue House Responds to Son Jung Min Petition & Shocking Phone Recordings of Korea’s Next President?

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On The Seoulite we’ve recently been covering the many tragedies befalling our nation’s youth and the horrible acting adults who are covering up crimes and degrading our institutions to get away with it. And it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get any better. Just yesterday, the presidential office responded to the citizen’s petition to the Son Jung Min investigation. Their tepid response completely echoes the Seocho Police Department and the Seoul Metropolitan Police. It lauded the great efforts made to look into the criminal evidence by numerous teams and parroted the public relations announcement by the police department which said no criminal activity was found.

However, the Blue House did not give the over 500,000 citizens who signed the petition any solace in terms of the main point of the investigation, which was not a criminal probe into a person of interest who wasn’t even an official suspect. Rather, the people of Korea want to feel assured that an adequate safety system is in place should a similar incident happen again. The response seemed extremely one-sided and selfish. To bring it closer to home, it’d be as if we had an investigation into a presidential election and concluded that there was completely no election fraud. So who won the election people would wonder? The response? Huh? We don’t know. Guess we’ll never know. But there was no election fraud.

Terribly acting adults. At all levels of society. There’s a crisis. And the only way to stop it would seem to strengthen the system so that no matter who fills the gap there will be some measure of stability. But here in this video is an examination into who may fill that seat should the current leading liberal candidate for president win next year’s presidential election in South Korea.

He’s the self-proclaimed ‘Bernie Sanders’ of South Korea who’s currently running on a basic income pledge and comes from a rags to riches story. However, his past has been mired in personal scandals primarily involving tense battles with his family that have been made all too public. The phone recordings released by his older brother and his wife suggest the politician may harbor a different character than his polished political image may portray. It definitely deems a second look. For an international audience, it gives you an insight into why children may turn out the way they do and under what environment bullying and bribery can thrive in South Korea. Plus, for those of you who don’t like to admit it but do enjoy the dirty laundry of the rich and famous, here’s a trip to the cleaners.

Let us know what you think! Could a man with this type of temperament lead South Korea into the next era?

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