Who Needs a Creepy Abandoned Amusement Park for Instagram?


Near Seoul, there’s an old amusement park called Yongma Land. It opened in 1980 and was the popular kid for about a decade. Then the big amusement park players came on to the scene and it suffered a steady decline until it was shuttered in 2011.

But now you can pay 10,000 won to enter the amusement park and explore to your heart’s content. None of the rides work. But the carousel can be turned on for a fee of about 30,000 won. It’s also been the scene of numerous music videos so you’ll get a great backdrop for newtro-style Instagram shots.

A guide to get there can be found on Atlas Obscura here.

These girls seem to be too distracted by the hot performers filming their acrobatics to do a thorough visit of the amusement park.

And this fan girl does an admirable job of recreating EXO’s photoshoot at Yongma Park. Posing like a K-pop idol is not as easy as they make it look.


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