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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Asian Americans

What Does Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Mean to You?

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2021 creates a chance to turn the sorrow of anti-Asian violence into deep exploration of the unique...

Why So Many Blacks are Attacking Asians

Everyone's calling it the big black elephant in the room. Why are so many of the attackers of the recent anti-Asian American hate crimes...

Calling the Cops on a Karen

All throughout the past few years where villainous white women were weaponizing a 'pure' and 'chaste' victimhood to call the cops on minorities, I...

How Fathers & Daughters Birth White Supremacy in U.S. Politics

American history loves to give its former statesmen a wax and a polish after they've passed away, especially if their photos are mainly in...

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