Your Free Weekend Mini Drama Binge Watch | The Boy Next Door 썸남 (English Subtitles)

two korean guys in shower

Want a whole season’s worth of binge watching in 90 minutes with non-stop woke laughter? You’re welcome. Before Choi Woo-shik became an international movie star for his role in the Academy Award-winning Parasite, he starred in a little indie web-series that’s spreading now among American fans.

Two college students who are next-door neighbors have the worst luck in comedic scenarios that make everyone suspect that they’re a couple. It’s BL, K-drama, sitcom, web series and broadway all in one. If you like second-hand embarrassment, you’ll love this. And it’s free on YouTube!

Also be ready for a cameo from Joy of Red Velvet. But I’m sorry to say that the drama and other characters are so funny that even this superstar is outshined by the plot antics.

For a web series, it has a pretty amazing soundtrack you can get here.


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