Best Affordable Hydration in K-Beauty


Here are my thoughts about Banila Co’s Vitalizing line, which I’ve been using for about a year. It’s the best affordable hydration in K-beauty right now. I’ll unbox a gift set I bought at an amazing discount online in Korea and show you the features of each product as I go through my typical skin care routine.

Niacinamide, which is a type of vitamin B-3 essential nutrient, features in every product in the VV line. But that’s generally the only repeated ingredient. Each product impressively holds its own with its unique formulation to smooth and plump the skin while maintaining integrity to the “vitalizing” family.

In Korea you’ll find much better deals on Banila Co. And sometimes there will be some crazy bargains like the gift set in my review video, which cost just $30 for all 4 products total ($7.25 each). But even at $30 per item on Amazon, it’s definitely a skin care line that performs like others at $60-$80 per item.

BANILA CO VV Vitalizing Toner:
BANILA CO VV Vitalizing Eye Cream:
BANILA CO VV Vitalizing Intensive Cream:
BANILA CO VV Vitalizing Essence:

Niacinamide (vitamin B-3) will help rebuild your skin barrier, reduce pores and fight hyperpigmentation.

Note: I’ve been using the eye cream for about a month and it’s awesome. Not a sponsored review.


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