Why Nam Joo-hyuk in Dior Gives Hope for Spring 2021


That cognitive dissonance of the fashion world’s is finally coming in handy. When it’s bitterly cold, they showcase the spring/summer collection for buyers and first-mover shoppers. In the old world, either you had logistics that needed lead time or were a fashionista primed to have the latest collection in the closet the moment the weather changed. In the coronavirus world, fashion’s forward timeline gives us hope for a beautiful 2021.

Not that many people can afford Dior before Covid or after, (well maybe you could be flush with covid-19 money if you timed your stocks perfectly in 2020), but Korean actor Nam Joo-hyuk’s Dior men campaign gives us a powerful nostalgia to… 2019 in 2021 clothing.

Nam Joo-hyuk latest spread can be found in Korean GQ’s November edition. In it, he waxes poetic about the sky and how the coronavirus blues are affecting him.

Professionally, he’s doing amazing. He’s starring in two shows available on Netflix, The School Nurse Files (2020) and Start Up (2020). The 26 year-old seems to capture the zeitgeist of today’s up-and-coming generation of dreamers.

my glory days are yet to come.

Nam Joo-hyuk

This guy, who got his start by winning a modeling contest, certainly knows how to keep his cool and stay grounded. Even in Dior.

It gives us hope that in the spring of 2021, we can get back to living active lives that have been reset to find inspiration and a bit of that peace Nam Joo-hyuk always finds in the sky.


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