Model & Actress Han Ye-seul Under Attack Over Her Boy Toy & Lifestyle Choices


Why is right-wing entertainment journalist and YouTuber Kim Yong-ho in a never-ending catfight online with model and actress Han Ye-seul? Her purple Lamborghini flex on Instagram to her much younger boyfriend triggered the controversial reporter months ago. In the past few weeks, he’s been baiting the one-time beauty pageant queen into admitting to a slew of allegations including drug use, sexual liaisons and finding her current boyfriend at a host bar.

Reporter Kim has found himself obviously in the wrong on reports in the past, including the infamous 2010 witch hunt against hip hop musician Tablo. Kim was one of the tabloid reporters spreading rumors that Tablo did not graduate from Stanford University, even after it had long been proven true. However, Kim had also been instrumental recently in uncovering key details in the Burning Sun scandal and bringing more attention to the link between police corruption, drugs and the entertainment industry at Gangnam nightclubs.

What do you think? Should the two keep going at it? Or should they call it a tie and turn their current truce into a peace treaty?

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