Will a Filtered Showerhead Give You Softer Skin and Hair?


This is one consumer trend that’s not going away. At first I thought it looked like a gimmick. A see-through handle with cotton-like stuffing is supposed to filter out all the bad stuff in your hard water. The reward? Softer skin and hair.

Not only is this hot item staying, it’s getting more advanced. Perhaps it really does work. I remember Zsa Zsa Gabor saying she had to bathe in Evian water when she went to jail because the water was too harsh. And then there was the Jonathan Showerhead, which I admit seemed to really make my hair and skin better.

But now how can you not resist having cartridges that not only filter, but add vitamins and scents? Here’s one personal trainer’s review of the BodyLUV system.

You can order them on Amazon.


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