Yoon Seok Yeol X-File Explained Part 1 | Origin Story | Mother-in-Law and $5 Million “Deal”


The unresolved Son Jung Min mystery has showed us how an unresponsive Korean police investigation can create havoc. But before we put all of our faith into the prosecution, what does a flawed prosecution look like? We need to look no further than the frontrunner in the current presidential election. And bad for Korea, but good for your entertainment. You can’t even make this stuff up! Ultimate shade report!

The infamous “X-file” threatening to take down the front-runner in the race for South Korea’s 2022 presidential election, former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok Yeol, focuses on the sketchy past of his current wife and her mother. Both have been embroiled in legal entanglements where her prosecutor husband and other prosecutors have been accused of pulling strings behind the scenes to get lighter punishments or evade the law altogether. Married men! Trips to Europe! Call girls!

However, it’s not the sweetheart deals that are the scandals. If the “X-files” are to believed, it reads straight out of a Korean drama. Could a scheming call girl and her con artist mother have successfully nabbed a successful husband who one day becomes the president of South Korea? And did the plan really get catapulted into action with a $5 million dollar real estate scam back in 2003? Did they really bribe a married man by wining and dining him in Europe and by sending his wife and kids living expenses as they were studying abroad in the United States?

What is going on? And if you’re a thot or stunt queen yourself, take out your notebook and pencil. Learn from the best because I’ll give you the secret for free. All you regular people also take note. Don’t be blind to these types of fraudsters running these games. Don’t let victims suffer in silence. Believe them when they say something is rotten because they’re up against someone with a silver tongue and limitless gall. Stop the dominos because sooner or later, it’ll come around to your neighborhood if you ignore it enough times.

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