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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Why the Building Collapsed on the Bus that Day

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After I recorded my radio show at KBS, guess who I passed by in the hallway? KBS Hot Daddy, our honorary replacement for SBS Hot Daddy – now that “Unanswered Questions” has become so sketch! What a coincidence because just this morning I decided I wanted to share with you guys his succinct explanation of the real reason why a five story building collapsed on a bus two months ago in Gwangju. It’s another sad pyramid scheme where it looks like old men are putting the public at serious risk to pad their own pockets.

Also, guess how that building collapse is connected to the latest drama with our foul-mouthed presidential candidate Lee Jae Myeong. It may involve a high-profile gangster. Plus, the actress he spurned still has the goods and is out to get him. And not to leave out his rival Yoon Seok Yeol, I have the latest dish on him too. He wants poor people to have fair access to contaminated food, doesn’t believe there was any nuclear fallout from Fukushima and hopes to protect workers with a 120-hour workweek. Does he need a major nap?

Plus, get a bonus Han Ye Seul update!

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