Why So Many Blacks are Attacking Asians


Everyone’s calling it the big black elephant in the room. Why are so many of the attackers of the recent anti-Asian American hate crimes African Americans? Don’t be too quick to point out the “long simmering tensions between black and Asian communities”. And don’t be so “woke” and swallow the mental gymnastics of blacks attacking Asians as white supremacy by proxy. Though those elements may exist, it’s important to remember that just as white supremacists are actually people with inferiority complexes who happen to be white, these black attackers are also people with problems first who happen to be black second. This not a war between the African American and Asian American communities.

Since racism is well, on the surface, about race, the attackers easily can blame their actions on a race war. And like idiots we believe it. But how well has that worked out for us in this long unsolved problem of race? Perhaps we’ve been diagnosing the problem incorrectly and therefore never getting to the right cure. A racist attack should not be blamed on “communities at war with each other”. Moreover, it should not be swept under the rug only as an attack by a “person with mental problems”. Rather, it should be blamed on the combination of two concepts: race and mental disorder (particularly inferiority complex).

A racist attack should be blamed on a person with a mental disorder who uses racial inequality as a weapon.

In other words, this is what to blame:

Part 1: the person (not the race they come from)

Part 2: their weaponization of race (not their race itself)

You do not want to say, “Blacks hate Asians.”

You want to say, “This dented person blames Asians for his shortcomings.”

In this way, we put the responsibility of a hate crime solely on the perpetrator, not their entire race. But we also recognize that they were able to use racism to facilitate the attack. Next, we can assign a punitive value for a racist-fueled attack. And, after the legal dust settles, we can point the finger back on ourselves as a society to question how we gave them a gun loaded with racist bullets in the first place.

Here’s an example. It’s not uncommon for Asian Americans to move into predominantly black neighborhoods. As fellow minorities, Asian Americans may assume that they may have an immediate kinship as oppressed minorities in a white America. But while we like to paint the U.S. as a melting pot and a salad bowl, it’s also a very thick layer cake. And in some bakeries, there’s chocolate frosting that wants to make sure the yellow cake knows that the chocolate cream gets spread on top first.

One Asian American girl I knew thought she’d be welcomed in elementary school by her black peers. But she was taunted, teased and had rocks thrown at her from second and third story balconies. It probably gave the bullies great relief. But there were plenty of other black kids who didn’t feel the need to be racist. It’s just that most of them didn’t really notice or care to help.

In other words, if you have an inferiority complex, you may choose to punch down at another minority group when you can make racial inequality work in your favor downward. You may be pressed upon by the whites at the top but you can hit the Asians at the bottom to feel comfortable.

But what would enrage a black person to attack a random Asian person? Again, we have to break it down to the individual. It’s a person with an inferiority complex who happens to be black who is enraged to see Asians get “ahead of the line” when they as blacks have “been in this country longer” and “suffered more”. Weak and entitled people who think this way are in all racial groups and conveniently put on and take off their race cap whenever it suits them. They live life according to a pecking order. In this case, a black attacker is blaming his or her perceived inadequacies on his race and the Asian race of their victim. The rage of “someone else getting what’s mine” can lead to irrational violence. It’s a universal source of evil.

So Asian Americans? Look to filter out those who are stuck in an inferiority mindset and will weaponize race. As a precaution, don’t be a “Woke Pollyanna” and assume all African Americans will embrace you. However, don’t be prejudiced yourself and assume all African Americans are not on your side. In my experience, most African Americans know how to build great friendships with anyone. Let the Asians and blacks who think they’re stuck in a race war be played like puppets by white supremacy and their own base desires for conflict. Asian Black confluence is a beautiful thing. As a movement, it should’ve sprouted and flourished long ago from the 1960s, but the white supremacy assassination machine successfully held back social progress for two generations. Perhaps, it’s time for another shot. And not from an assassin’s gun this time.

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  1. Speaking of mental gymnastics, why is it that whenever black people are attacked by white people the crime is described as a hate crime by white supremasists. However black on Asian crime is not discussed in the same vein. I say this as a black man. I don’t like it when white people treat blacks any differently than they speak about other racists. The black people that attack Asians are largely racist black people. I say this as a black man who has grown up in black inner city neighborhoods and still resides in a predominantly black neighborhood. On the whole many black people dislike Asians simply because they are Asian. Its an inconvenient fact that is not reported because the current mainstream infatuation with the BLM agenda.

    • The problem has to be admitted before it can be fixed,and there are too many people benefiting from it right now to do so.

  2. The “recent” surge of Black-on-Asian hate crimes “may [sic] partially be” due to Black inferiority complex that has come about because of white supremacy? Really? First of all, Black-on-Asian hate crimes in America is not a recent phenomenon; it has been around for at least a decade or more, most notably when Black rioters went on a rampage beating up Korean-Americans and destroying their businesses during the Rodney King riots in LA during the early 90s. More recent estimates are that as high as eighty-five percent of violent attacks on Asian Americans are committed by African Americans; this from FBI statistics recently quoted by Larry Elder, the LA-born Black candidate running for California State Governor.

    The author apparently has not read much about hate crimes and racism against Asians. Historically, it has been Asian-on-Asian hate crimes and racism that is the “yellow elephant in the room”. Centuries before America even existed, Asians have been murdering, raping and enslaving each other well before they even set eyes on White and Black men. Read about Vietnamese invasion of Champa during 1471, where fair skinned Viets killed, captured, enslaved and castrated dark-skinned Chams. Or when Chinese invaded and enslaved Viets, or when Thais invaded and enslaved the dark skinned Khmer, or when Burmese murdered and sacked the Thais at Ayuthaya. Is the author aware that Tibetans enslaved Tibetans, or the Mongols under Ganghis Khan butchered and enslaved other Asians in those Asian countries where they invaded? Even in modern times, the Japanese raped and slaughtered of 100s of thousands of Chinese at Nanjing in 1937; or forced Korean and Filipina into sexual slavery as “comfort women” to service the Imperial Japanese Army during the 1940s. The Communist Chinese have interned millions of Uyghers and are engaging in cultural genocide in Tibet. Mao Tse Tung starved at least 20 million of his fellow country men to death in the Great Leap Forward in 1962. Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge murdered millions of his fellow country men in the killing fields in Cambodia in 1975. I could go on, but you get my point.

    All races have committed crimes against other races since the beginning of human history. This story is nothing new; far greater atrocities have occurred against Asians. From an historical perspective, what is happening to Asians at the hands of Black Americans today is like a walk in the park compared to what Asians have perpetrated against themselves in their homelands. It’s time to stop playing the victim card and shut down the racial narratives that perpetuates invective.

    “The best way to end racism is to stop talking about it” – Academy Award Winning Actor, Morgan Freedman.


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