White Supremacists Created the Deep State… So Why are They Fighting it Now?


Ooh, the Deep State. Conspiracy theory or boring history lesson? Both, actually. The Deep State is the idea that a group of powerful people have created a network within the U.S. government that is above the laws and has the power to control government policy secretly. In other words, do you believe that a bunch of rich and powerful people have infiltrated the U.S. government to do its bidding? Yeah, it’s the spooky Illuminati.

Did you ever feel a bit confused or frustrated in U.S. history class at school? The dots didn’t seem to connect. Or half the story seemed to be missing. There were leaps of faith required to just memorize the facts quickly, take the test and move on. That’s hurt us today. And it kept us away from the juiciest, most interesting parts of U.S. history.

How to Succeed at Deep State

If you look at the full history of the United States, it’s clear there’s been a ‘deep state’ in full operation since at least the late 1800s. The formula for the deep state usually goes like this:

  1. A very boring but extremely lucrative U.S. business wants to go to another nation and exploit their resources. It’s similar to old-style European colonialism, but in the case of the deep state, it’s not a nation invading another. On the surface, a mega business is just setting up a ‘partnership’ with a country to extract their oil, mine precious minerals or set up fruit plantations.
  2. These sweetheart deals are very lopsided in favor of the corporation. In many cases, the companies are exempt from local laws, own the rights to large swaths of prime land and dictate government policy through puppet leaders they support in the exploited nation.
  3. Inevitably, the local population wants their land back. They want the foreigners out. They don’t want to be slaves in their own country.
  4. A leader emerges to kick out the foreigners and reclaim the precious oil, plantation fields, mines, etc. to rebuild their country. All that investment and source of riches is at risk for the corporation, but how do they force another government to stop? They don’t have their own army. Would it be possible for the U.S. army to do their bidding? Yes, if you have the deep state do its magic.
  5. In reality, the deep state is just as boring as the industries it’s protecting. They’re bureaucrats (lifelong or passing through) who have personal ties and financial benefits linked to a corporation that milks the nectar from another land. The good cop of the deep state sets up a dictator or elected leader (doesn’t actually matter) who keeps the corporation’s investment safe. The bad cop of the deep state assassinates leaders who don’t cooperate or invades the nation under another pretense (overthrowing ‘abusive’ monarchies, anti-Soviet communism, or the war on terrorism).
  6. With the full military might of the United States, a cooperative nation is rebuilt or just annexed (ex. Hawaii) into the hands of the deep state cabal of the United States. Other names for the deep state include the military industrial complex or ‘elites‘.

Boring Fruit. Major Drama.

So the amazing low prices for the boring gas you pump into your car, the boring sugar you use in your pie, the boring bananas you peel and slice into your cereal and the boring palm oil that moisturizes your lipstick all come from the deep state.

In the late 1800s until the World War eras, you had aggressive businessmen take the charge. In the case of Hawaii, did you know the first American leader after the coup d’etat that overthrew Hawaii’s Queen was the Dole Pineapple man himself? Pineapples and sugar! Such boring staples led to such international scandal.

The Deep State’s Greatest Gift

Then after World War II, the U.S. deep state got its biggest gift that marked the turning point of all of American history in my opinion – Allen Dulles of the infamous Dulles brothers. After World War II, Dulles ran the CIA. He inherited what should’ve been a temporary intelligence department for the U.S. during the war and transformed it into an non-scrapeable barnacle colony stuck to the U.S. government.

Dulles, who had vested interests in fruit and oil companies (as a corporate lawyer, shareholder & board member) got so adept at assassinating the leaders of other countries (where fruit and other riches were extracted) that he got cocky enough to lead the U.S. into Vietnam and Cuba. And, in my view, this brazen and entitled Allen Dulles actually pulled off the assassination of JFK. But that’s for another day.

Taxpayer-funded Armies for Elites

The deep state said they were defending the world against Soviet Russia and Communism to support democracies around the world. But in reality, they were just using taxpayer-funded armies to defend their business investments in countries abroad. For example, in the 1950s, the Dulles brothers tore down democracy in Guatemala and Iran and replaced their leaders with dictators who’d protect the fruit and oil companies.

This is what they really mean when they say we’re ‘protecting U.S. interests around the world’. We should just be honest and say we’re being super extra for a few uber rich American people’s fear that it’ll be game over. Talk about a government handout with Ivy League customer service! In the case of Guatemala, we killed and destroyed a democracy for the sake of ONE corporation – the United Fruit Company. So much for democracy. But your grandma had tons of fresh fruit at the market.

It’s Not “Evil”, It’s Logical

Though horrific cases of abuse like chopping off workers’ hands tend to paint deep state colonialism as simply evil, consider its logical impetus. Even the most evil amongst us can’t be motivated forever simply by evil lust. However, protecting one’s source of income and sunk cost investments is akin to safeguarding one’s life. Saving your money can keep you motivated for the long-run. It’s a concept we normal people can grasp.

Just recently in Korea, foreigners have been stripped of their small businesses from abrupt visa policy changes. Don’t you think some of these people wish they could have a deep state controlling the Korean government to protect their small $100K and under businesses by preventing discriminatory immigration policy? Multiply that to the billions and you’ll easily see how people would lobby for legal advantages, kill when necessary and even depose governments to protect their livelihoods and wealth.

U.S. Presidents Resisted

Note: Not all American leaders were in favor of the ‘deep state’. President Cleveland objected to the rogue takeover of Hawaii. President Eisenhower, who approved the modern deep state infrastructure for wartime, later felt betrayed by the vigilante spy agency and said in his parting message as he left the White House that the military industrial complex needed to be dismantled. President John F. Kennedy famously said he wanted to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. Throughout U.S. history, many white people were fighting amongst themselves about how deep this deep state should go.

What Changed?

Then, let’s get back to our original question. Why are white supremacists against the deep state when they created it? Well, in the beginning the rich white supremacists (owners of the colonizing corporations) took their poor white supremacists under their wings and fed them cheap spoils of colonialism and even elevated some of them to middle class. However, in our era, the rich white supremacists seem to think they can cut off more dead weight and leave their poor white brethren behind and make them believe other minorities are to blame. After all, they’re all still white supremacists. What an easy con.

But in the end, the deep state has been mother’s milk for poor white supremacists too. So it’s a bit odd that they’re the biggest conspiracy theorists making the deep state more dramatic than it really is. Hillary Clinton tried to warn us and they hated her anyway.

When Clinton says, “I don’t understand it. I don’t know. I find it curious.” She knows. But she’s too scared to say it. And part of the blame is on the American public who has been taught with defunct history books. We simply can’t pick up on her subtext because we can’t fathom the ordinary mechanics, the boring system, of the deep state.

Join the Fun

Get yourself some knowledge on the Dulles brothers. It’s not just the name of an airport in Washington, DC. Find out how these traitors fooled American presidents and the nation by hiding under the American flag. They’re the best kept open secret on how the deep state was built to function. As a bonus, their behavior is so shameless that if you’re a spy nerd like me, learning about this history is our version of trashy reality TV.

The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government


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