What Happens After a Successful Birth Search?


Now that you’ve watched the akaDAN documentary, don’t you want to know what happened after Dan Matthews found his birth family? We did. So just shy of a year after his reunion, we flew from Korea to the Korean American musician’s home turf in Los Angeles, CA to attend the premiere of akaDAN and to see how he was doing.

In the process we also sat down for an intimate and touching chat with his adoptive mother. She will melt your heart! Our interview with two other adoptees who were reunited with the wrong birth family will shock you. And we also made a point to examine the medical theories about the birth search process and the psychological impact of adoption for all parties involved. It was such an adventure to bring this story to light. We hope you enjoy it! And yes, sorry about the music in the background being too loud. It was a post-production level thing going on.


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