We’re Stuck in the Senate – How Does Presidential Veto Override Work Again?

senate stimulus capitol

The U.S. government has assured the public that $600 stimulus checks are on their way. But still cooking in the kitchen is the prospect of $2,000 stimulus checks. So what’s the hold up? Is $600 going to be the appetizer or our whole meal?

The proposal is stuck in the Senate and the star (or villain) of the show is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. However, it was Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2021 that got the ball rolling on $2,000 checks.

Strange political bedfellow Senator Bernie Sanders this time showcased Trump’s $2,000 twitter declaration in a good way on the floor of the Senate. Sanders engineered Senate rules to cockblock the defense bill override. He wants the Senate to approve $2,000 before they get on to forcing through the National Defense Authorization Act.

Even if you can wrap your head around the legislative chess going on here, are you wondering how a presidential veto override works in the first place? Here’s a guide from the U.S. Senate. Essentially, you need:

two-thirds of the Members voting in the House and the Senate each agree to pass it over the President’s objection

I’m just wondering though… is there anywhere in that constitution that allows us to override Senator Mitch McConnell? It’s too bad we can’t veto his iron grip on the Senate and he knows it.


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