Weird and Shady End to Police Commission


Yet another case of “Who’s Gonna Check Me” struck a group of elder Korean leaders, tasked with setting an upright example for society on Tuesday, June 29. The special police commission, which just a day earlier on Monday, June 28, announced that it would extend the investigation into the death of 22-year-old medical student Son Jung Min, went back on their word and declared the official end of the two-month-long inquiry that still has not yielded any definitive answers. So in the span of less than 24-hours, they apparently met again in secret and decided to abruptly kill plans to find the truth behind how Son Jung Min actually ended up floating dead in the Han River for five days at the end of April this year.

With the Korean public accustomed to betrayal by their leaders, it came as no surprise but faster than expected as usually there are a few days exerted as false courtesy. Even though the police declared the investigation over with no criminal activity found, they did say a police unit would continue to look into matters regarding the criminal filing against Mister A that’s still active. So is the investigation on or off?

For what right do they have that’s greater?

Analysts are viewing this move as a declaration by the police that there’s no criminal intent as the bottom line regardless of additional investigation. The case can now be submitted to the nation’s prosecutors and it is up to them whether they will accept and reopen the case.

Son Jung Min’s father, who has been public citizen #1 and concerned parent #1, has been bewildered by the latest affront to his family’s search to find the truth behind his son’s mysterious death during those early morning hours of April 25, 2021. In what was supposed to be a casual picnic with drinks by the river, a parent’s worst nightmare emerged – a missing son found dead in the river. In tandem, Korean society’s worst fears are revalidated. Signs of a massive coverup signal that if this happens to you, there’s no chance for common folk to get any justice in this country.

As in time memorial in a feudal nation, the only hope for justice is if you have feudal power yourself or if your cause can be latched onto the feudal agenda of a feudal lord out to get vengeance. One must find one’s enemy’s enemy and hope your cause aligns with theirs. Otherwise, suffering in silence becomes the prescription. And eventually revolution becomes a radical cure. But if we all pitch in to avoid emergency treatments, perhaps we can help Son Jung Min’s father and redirect these channels of corruption to make it less dangerous for us to live our lives. For what right do they have that’s greater?

If you’d like to send your recorded thoughts about the Son Jung Min mystery and be featured on the channel, please do the following: Reply to each question in about 60 seconds or less: 1. How does this case make you feel? How do you feel about this case? 2. What would you like to say to Son Jung Min’s family? 3. What would you like to say to the people of South Korea (citizens, legal system, police, government, parents, students, etc.)? Feel free to answer any or all. Email the files or upload as unlisted videos on YouTube and email the links to: I’ll download it and edit it into a future video! From Koreans I’ve talked to here, they’re really curious about how people around the world think about this case. And they’re really touched that so many of you have cared so deeply and have found a shared mission to right some serious injustices in this world. I look forward to hearing from you!

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