Trump Finally Crosses Impeachment Red Line


The Capitol Hill riot by Trump Supremacists marks a one-year anniversary. Last year before we had our friend Corona starting to wreak havoc, there was impeachment #1 for Donald Trump. But it was a begrudging motion limited in scope. And it didn’t work. Most notably, it lacked urgency powerful enough to get people to forget about their political differences. Impeachment needs a heat that creates a gasping breath of anxiety where say, “If we don’t do something now, bad, irreversible things will happen.”

But which ‘people’ are we really referring to here? The people on Capitol Hill. The ‘people of the United States’ have long let their shock known about this president. Yes, there have been ‘both sides’ on the impeachment issue. But can we all agree that significantly more citizens had already voiced their concerns against Donald Trump’s abuses of power than Bill Clinton’s impeachable blow job?

This week’s siege on the US Congress by white supremacists finally got the attention of Republican politicians. And here we are again with the age-old human condition where you have to personally feel it yourself in the gut before you care enough to act.

Guess it doesn’t matter how many minorities try to get their point across every which way. It has to take white rioters literally trashing your office and the sacred chambers of the US Congress to finally feel and act on what the rest of the country knew was danger.

A president that came into office showing us the red flags of incompetence, immorality, corruption and treason was allowed to keep going. Here’s why he’s finally crossed the red line with those who can impeach. (Like I said, he crossed the line long ago with regular Americans.)

  1. You have to feel it yourself like a sucker punch to the gut. Ducking under your desk in a gas mask while the capitol police defend the House and Senate floor is definitely a hit to the gut and it doesn’t matter at that point if you’re a Republican or Democrat.
  2. The rioters tried to take the money out of the pockets of the politicians – votes. There’s honor among thieves until someone tries to mess with your wallet. And though lobbyist money lines congressional pockets, it’s the real money that counts. And to a politician the most sacred currency is the vote. The rioters were literally trying to take the very slips of paper that keep politicians in their jobs.
  3. It’s no longer worth supporting Trump to keep your job as a politician. He’s a lame duck president who is on his way out. Once Senator Mitch McConnell turned his back, it signaled for most other Republican politicians that the coast was clear to grow a spine.

Note how none of the three reasons above have anything to do with the American people’s wishes for a functional democracy. Oh, yes, the senators and representatives will now say how they’ve seen the light to protect our country (like Senator Long Hair Kelly Loeffler). But where was this concern over the past four years and at a point where Trump can’t even give a two-week notice because he’ll be out before then? A day late and a dollar short? And yet, because they finally feel it and feel safe to do it… they’re going to remove Trump. Finally.


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