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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The Truth About Burning Sun #1: Rich Kids

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Big Bang’s Seungri received a three-year prison sentence and a fine of approximately 1 million dollars after being found guilty on all nine charges against him for offenses related to his Burning Sun nightclub. Though he may have deserved a greater punishment for all the lives he helped to destroy, his high-profiled pillory showed us our first truth about the Burning Sun scandal: rich kids.

Without the profligate demand for pleasure by rich kids, the hybrid excesses of Korean nightlife wouldn’t have flourished at Burning Sun. A well-oiled system evolved. It maintained a steady stream of naive, ‘real’ girls at one end to fulfill the needs of society’s new 1% with sickening tastes.

Art Director Kim Sang Kyo, 29, went to the club for a work colleague’s birthday party and reported a sexual assault to the staff. Instead of being thanked, he got beat up by club security and then got thrown in jail once the dirty cops arrived on the scene. His mother took this footage before the police assaulted her at the station.

This is not an indictment of all rich kids or rich people. Rather, it’s the depravity of the idle rich converging with a nightclub economy catering to an insatiable appetite for ever-more hardcore stimulation. Screams heard from girls pleading for help from VIP rooms are masked by club security and paid-off police departments nearby serve to protect the club from legal liability. The police aren’t there to protect the public. We’ll see how the game operates from this series delving into the TRUTH ABOUT BURNING SUN.

Let’s demand a scientific-based investigation and a full release of CCTV footage into the disappearance of Son Jung Min at the Han River.

SIGN THE PETITION (FOR KOREANS): https://petitions.assembly.go.kr/status/registered/C830BE9E54525352E054A0369F40E84E

SIGN THE PETITION (FOR NON-KOREANS): https://www.change.org/sonjungmin

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