The Other Dead University Student | Lee Seon-ho & CCTV Footage of Tragic Pyeongtaek Port Accident


On April 22, 2021, a 23-year-old university student named Lee Seon-ho died in a tragic accident at his part-time job at Pyeongtaek Harbor. The debate is whether this is a mere industrial accident or severe negligence in the case of a preventable tragedy.

Occurring just three days before the disappearance of medical student Son Jung-min, South Korea has been grappling with a tale of two tragic losses of young, bright college-aged students. Son came from wealth and his family still seeks justice over the suspicious nature of his death while society is chilled by the potential of a widespread cover-up. Meanwhile, Lee’s more humble family also seeks justice from a cozy government-business structure that often evades real responsibility and progress when it comes to worker safety.

Both remind us that South Korea needs brave families like these to speak out when they are wronged. And they need us to support them.


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