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The Hangover Drink

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Son Jung Min’s father recently received tapes of all four security camera angles from the night his son went missing in the Han River. In them, he made a startling discover during the 11:14 p.m. convenience store visit. Mr. A had a bottle of a hangover remedy in his hand.

Yet, this product was not itemized on any of the extensive lists of purchases made by the two that evening. Does this mean there are significant grounds to doubt Mr. A’s claims that he was blacked out for about 8 hours that evening? Did the police department and the documentary team assist in covering up this vital piece of evidence?

Also, let’s explore the theory that Mr. A did not tell his parents about the strange turn of events for the first time when he crawled back home at 4:50 a.m. From the 12-minute turnaround from his stepping foot into the elevator and their leaving the house and heading down the elevator to get into the car to go to the park, it appears the parents were awake, alert and already working on a plan in motion.

What do you think? Does the bottle of hangover cure and the quick reaction of his parents to head out to the park warrant further investigation by the prosecution?

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