The Cult of Canceling Cancel Culture

Minorities Long Canceled by White "Culture Fit"

sharon osbourne

Who wants to cancel ‘cancel culture’? It’s turning into a cult. Covens of flabby white men are gathering in online spaces and their symbolic leader of late has been Piers Morgan. Over the past four years, the obvious messiah was Donald Trump. And the latest female branch seems to be headed by ‘Strawberry’ Sharon Osbourne. Yet even the progressively narcoleptic (alternating between woke and entitled) and far from flabby Sharon Stone has recently joined the cult of canceling cancel culture.

Stone said, “I think when people say things that they feel and mean, and it’s offensive to you, it’s a brilliant opportunity for everyone to learn and grow and understand each other.”

Then what’s the problem?

White people can take this brilliant opportunity to learn and grow from hearing things that ‘feel offensive’ to them. Do they think learning only comes out of their mouths and that we should continue to stay quiet and politely nod? Apparently they do.

“The Talk,” Thursday, February 18th, 2021 on the CBS Television Network. From left, Elaine Welteroth, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Amanda Kloots, shown. Guests: Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah of the CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS @2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Here’s more from Piers Morgan:

“Meghan’s had no worse media treatment than other Royal brides such as Diana, Fergie, Kate, Camilla or even that other Monarchy-rattling American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. But she’s the first to claim negative press has been motivated by racism, and it’s a very dangerous charge to make with so little to back it up.”

First of all, if Piers didn’t have white privilege, he would be fired for being an idiot. Of course Markel is the first to claim negative press motivated by racism. She’s black and all of the other women he cited were white. Those ladies wouldn’t be claiming racism from a white-dominated press.

Meghan Markle, the woman Sharon Osbourne said didn’t look black to ‘anybody’

But the main point that undergirds this cult of canceling cancel culture is in the subtle phrase ‘so little to back it up’. Like a prickly thorn, it digs at our doubt and erases from the mind all the masses of evidence offered to the contrary. Why is there so little to back it up according to Piers Morgan? Because to the white supremacist, nothing you say matters. The truth is for him to write as the narcissist. Therefore, no matter how much you bring to the table, you really in the end never had anything to ‘back it up’.

As for Markle not being able to ‘back it up’, he is just wrong. Some would call him a liar. There are piles of press clippings. And of course he can’t seem to see the covert racism weighing on Markle and other minorities in the UK. If he can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Yet, not when it comes to him. He’s so quick to remind everyone how he’s been the victim of an imaginary kangaroo court denying him his freedom of speech. No. Piers Morgan is literally in the 0.1% of the world’s population when it comes to having his freedom of speech amplified globally. No one is restricting his freedom of speech.

White people can take this brilliant opportunity to learn and grow from hearing things that ‘feel offensive’ to them. Do they think learning only comes out of their mouths and that we should continue to stay quiet and politely nod?

And so as we can see from Stone and Morgan, once a previously silent group speaks up, white privilege get confused. Because just like the abusive self-entitled Korean kkondaes, white supremacy believes communication is one-sided. They’re always right. And the inferior are here to learn. Now that the likes of Morgan and Osbourne are being corrected, they think they’re being canceled over a free speech issue. No, real cancelation looks like the minorities that have been canceled by white supremacy for centuries. Even a white woman’s tears can more than cancel; they can falsely accuse, condemn and jail those they don’t like.

If you want to talk about real cancel culture, and canceling cancel culture, then perhaps we agree in theory. Fine, let’s cancel cancel culture. Let’s cancel white supremacy’s long existing real cancel culture. White spaces have always been able to cancel and remove color in the name of ‘culture’ and ‘cultural fit’. Let’s be clear. The cancel culture white supremacy is currently trying to cancel is totally different. Today white people aren’t being canceled because we’re restricting freedom of speech. Not all white people get canceled. The majority don’t. The ones that do have done reprehensible things. Rape, abuse, dereliction of duty, creating hostile work environments and other infractions.

But perhaps they got away with breaking the rules for so long that canceling people of color became a part of white culture. And now that society is finally enforcing the laws on white supremacy, it may feel like white culture is being canceled. Yet if you can’t separate white supremacy from white culture, then you’re part of the problem. But regardless, you still have freedom of speech. We all do. So stop trying to cancel us for speaking up.


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