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Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Case of the Seven Hour Blackout

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Son Jung Min’s father heads to his first official meeting with the Press Arbitration board this week to discuss whether the SBS TV show “Unanswered Questions” did a hit job on his son and should be taken off the air. So let’s send him our positive power thoughts! Over the past few days, he’s been reviewing the salient points in the case and re-emphasizing the key weaknesses in Mr. A’s narrative. 

In his latest blog post, he seriously questions the validity of Mr. A’s purported seven-hour blackout when Mr. A didn’t even start drinking at the proposed start time of the blackout at 11:14 p.m. It was well after 11:33 p.m. when SJM was recorded to have bought a picnic mat did the two wander toward the river to lay down the mat and then pop open the bottles to start having drinks and snacks.

SJM’s father posts another reminder of Mr. A’s testimony of SJM’s fall and yelp. He also reminds us Mr. A’s reported that he tried to drag SJM’s body through the mud to bring him back up the hill. However, SJM’s dad says it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that the second lawyer statement that specifically focused on Mr. A’s blackout and the SBS documentary were released ON THE SAME DAY – MAY 29th. Saturday. Guess his lawyers work on weekends. 

In the lawyer statement, it says Mr. A bought 2 bottles of soju and 2 bottles of chungha before heading to the park and that starting from 11:14 p.m. he blacked out and couldn’t remember anything until he went home the SECOND time at around 6:10 a.m. According to experts, this is not out of the ordinary… the lawyer statement said.

Hmmm… it seems as if they were anticipating people saying that it would be quite out of the ordinary.

SJM’s father says that the tv show also conveniently had a so-called expert that said it was possible for Mr. A to have blacked out. But SJM’s father said that the expert did not respond to any question on-air that asked whether it was possible for Mr. A to have blacked out for 7 hours. Since the lawyer first admitted to the world that Mr. A was blacked out for 7 hours on the day of the broadcast, there would’ve been no way for the expert on the show to have known it was a 7-hour-long blackout. Therefore, it was misleading to now conclude the show also had an expert that agreed there’s a possibility of a 7-hour blackout. 

SJM’s dad goes on to say as if he’s talking to his son… Can can you believe this?

We thought that the show would go on to dig out the truth of your disappearance, but we just were used. 

This week we’re going to go to the press arbitration board. 

I’ll do my best to get justice for you… because there is blood on people’s hands from that day.

Speaking of blood — there were bloody rocks.

They looked a bit washed. And tests showed nothing conclusive, the police said.

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