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Strangled, Lied About & Tortured in High School | Justice for Lee Hyunseob

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On June 27, 2021, a 17-year-old high school student named Lee Hyunseob leaped to his death off the roof of his prestigious boarding school in Gangwon Province in South Korea due to relentless bullying. Despite complaints to school administrators and teachers, the school denies any connection between the student’s suicide and bullying. However, Lee’s family suspects a coverup and has channeled their grief into a social media campaign on Instagram (#justiceforhyunseob) to draw the attention of mainstream media.

Evidence of bullying released to the public so far has come in the form of one of Hyunseob’s last notes to his friends that begged for help. It also outlined the oncoming cyberbullying smear campaign and the deterioration of his mental health. In addition, right before his funeral a concerned mother shared video evidence of bullies strangling Hyunseob, which has been released to the public. **This is a warning that blurred portions of the video, which were included in the news package, are briefly played in this video. It is horrific and inhumane in its casual cruelty.

Lee Hyunseob’s mother filed charges with the police against four individuals on the grounds of school violence and provoking ostracization. She also filed charges against them for defamation and spreading false rumors about her son. The school says it’s trying to come to an agreement with the department of education and related parties and claims it is moving forward with a detailed and careful investigation. In order to prevent its students from suffering secondary psychological effects, it’s bringing in counseling and evaluation. Better late than never, but definitely too late.

“I am not fine. Help me.” – The last words of Lee Hyunseob before he killed himself.

Sign the petition on the official website of the Office of the President of South Korea:


Instagram for Lee Hyunseob’s Family:


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