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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

SJM’s Daddy is Done: What Did You Do To My Son?

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The police investigation is done. The Blue House’s response to the citizen petition is done. But instead of searching for the truth behind the disappearance of 22 year-old medical student Son Jung Min, authorities seem to be satisfied that everything that could be done has been done. And they’re comfortable not knowing how the events exactly unfolded at the Han River park that fateful early morning as long as all the available evidence clears anyone of criminal circumstances.

Well, it appears SJM’s daddy is done too – with the niceties. Instead of insisting on finding out what happened to his son, it appears the subtext of all of his blog posts have shifted to “What did you do to my son?” What seemed to be just notes of suspicion are bold accusations at Mister A and his family if you read the not so subtle messages between the lines. 

The latest two blog posts focus on 1) his appeal to the press arbitration board to pull the slanderous “documentary” on his son’s disappearance off the air and 2) the problematic mis-representation of Mr. A’s police inquest was 100% exemplary when he had denied a lie detector test multiple times and had submitted incomplete and adulterated evidence. In essence, SJM’s daddy is done trusting the media, police and Mr. A’s family. He’s put them in one boat – a steamship of conspiracy and collusion where his son’s memory will be defamed forever and the hearts of their family will never truly be healed.

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