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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sign the International Petition to Support a New Investigation into Han River Gate

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There’s a new effort to petition the National Assembly of Korea (South Korea’s version of U.S. Congress) to relaunch a scientifically-based investigation into the mysterious death of Son Jung Min and to release the blocked CCTV footage that would reveal the answers to what many believe is a coverup of a wrongful death.

Only Koreans can sign the official petition (scroll down for non-Koreans), which needs 100,000 signatures by September 18. If you have a Korean resident registration number, you can click below to sign the petition. We are nearly at our goal, so please encourage your friends in Korea to sign the petition.


However, if you’re non-Korean and you’d like to make a symbolic show of support, I set up a change.org petition where you can tell the people of South Korea you care about justice and hope for the best for Son Jung Min’s family. Remember, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. As our world gets more borderless, evil thought patterns can cross territories in an instant through our digital devices. You’ve shown you relate and care about Son Jung Min because he isn’t thousands of miles away. He could be your next door neighbor.


On April 25, 2021 two young medical students went to the popular Han River park in the middle of Seoul to drink and have a picnic by the river late at night. On April 26, only one returned home and on April 30, the other was discovered dead floating in the water just meters from their picnic site. 

Despite a police investigation, autopsy, forensics, and numerous witnesses, there has been no conclusive explanation for the 22-year-old medical student Son Jung Min’s death. Rather, after months of giving the process the benefit of the doubt, citizens are left only with mounting suspicions and odd ‘coincidences’ pointing towards a mishandled police investigation consisting of disappearing CCTV camera footage, false testimoniesmysteriously disappearing and reappearing cell phone evidence, accepting scrubbed evidence, and allowing destroyed evidence.

This petition is for the international community to express its approval of the official petition to the National Assembly of Korea to 1) release the blocked CCTV footage and 2) open a science-based investigation into SJM’s death. Since ‘foreigners’ can’t sign the official petition, this is an honorary symbol of our support.

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