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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Our Savior in 2022? | Ahn Cheol Soo Declares Presidential Run

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Ahn Cheol Soo declared his third bid to become elected South Korea’s next president in 2022. In an election field where many voters find the candidates problematic and unappealing, can he reignite the anti-establishment fervor that first launched him onto the political stage when he first entered politics?

In his previous attempts, he did not seem ready to survive the political jungle to emerge out of any meeting with a policy that hadn’t been gnawed to shreds by the Yeouido political establishment. But now he seems to have the battle scars to navigate Korea’s version of the DC swamp on his own terms.

At the core of his agenda is an economic vision to integrate Korea into the future of AI, robotics, blockchain and whatever other technology a G5 nation needs to be a leader in. He’s familiar with being a top competitor in the tech business and it may be time that we need another CEO president. However, this time we need someone who will take Korea Inc. from a manufacturing powerhouse to the post-industrial electric car era.

I’m at least excited about the prospect and I want to hear more.

Key campaign promises so far:

– Decentralize power out of the executive branch

– Move Korea’s economy towards tech future

– Aim to include South Korea in G5

– Leave 1970s and 1980s thinking behind

– Clean out political corruption

– Lead as the progressive Ahn Cheol Soo voters originally wanted

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