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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Never Before Seen Evidence

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Son Jung Min’s father holds a press conference to release never before seen evidence in the Banpo Han River case. Will the photos of his son’s head injuries be the shock the justice system needs to re-open a scientific-based investigation into the still unanswered questions surrounding the medical student’s mysterious drowning the night of April 25, 2021?

Warning: graphic images of the autopsy are contained within the video. They’re not that shocking but it may be disturbing to some people.

However, it’s clear they are no mere ‘scratches’ as posited by the police. Why were the police so insistent on blocking any connection between the head injuries and SJM’s death? Or to Mr. A’s possible involvement? Or to a cause or contribution to SJM’s death? This is a serious demerit on the police’s credibility.

In any event, sustaining a serious concussion where extensive bleeding occurs would hardly make it plausible that SJM would suddenly get up and splash around in the water fully clothed and say how ‘refreshing the water’ seemed about 1 hour later. Not to mention, the witnesses said they saw a middle-aged man, not a 21-year-old college student. Here again, the police have been discredited.

And third, in the press conference, SJM’s father revealed that Mr. A’s phone was turned into police custody on May 9, 2021. His objective was to point a suspicious finger at the police allowing Mr. A to submit physical evidence two weeks after the fact. His shirt, socks and shoes had been destroyed. The other articles of clothing had been tampered with via laundry. And the digital items could well have been erased or altered.

However, are we just going to ignore the huge elephant in the room? The police staged a 40-person manhunt for Mr. A’s phone when they had it all along. A park janitor claimed to have found the phone on May 11 when the phone was at the police station on May 9. The janitor said the phone remained in his locker until May 30 when the phone was already at the police station on May 9. The janitor said he turned the phone into authorities on May 30 when the phone was already at the police station on May 9. Maybe since so many people lie to the police they think it’s okay to do it too. But that’s a big whopper.

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