Mister A’s “Dirty” Socks Too Clean?


Have we been taken for fools this entire time? One of our favorite YouTubers, PaperTV has alerted us to the fact that not only did Mister A turn over an incomplete list of laundered clothing items weeks after his involvement with the case of his missing friend Son Jung Min at the Han River Park, Mister A’s socks tested by forensics were supposedly just an ‘extra pair’ he had tucked into his backpack on the night in question.

Why was there no ardent effort to locate the socks, which would have had essential clues? While we were focusing on the shoes, we totally forgot about the socks. But it’s plain in the police report that authorities even outlined the irregularity of the forensics results because the socks were not the ones worn on the actual day.


If you feel a burning sense of rage to do something to help but don’t know how, here’s a link to the embassies and consulates in South Korea. You may want to write to your ambassador and urge him or her to press the Korean government to pay particular attention to this case in the name of public safety and Korea’s international credibility.

As friends of Korea, future travelers and business partners, your personal well-being is at risk now should you want to enter the country. Moreover, should a South Korean company want to operate in your nation, would you trust its management with the lives of your fellow countrymen given how Korea is treating its own citizens back home? (Ambassadors need to bring the goodwill of your nation into Korea and bring back economic projects to your country. Threaten to cut off their political imports and exports. That’s your power my friend.)

You guys will be much more skilled in your own country to figure out the profile of your current ambassador. Most often they are worried about lining up their next job after this temporary ambassadorship ends so they are often more impressionable than you may think. Your words could have a lot of weight! (Depends on your country of course.)

Many times these ambassadors are bored out of their minds and struggle with getting meetings with high-level government officials in Korea. You may actually be doing them a career favor by sending them urgent emails that allow them access to people who may actually be able to help SJM and his father.


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