How About Justice for “Mister A” and His Family? | New Investigation Would Offer Opportunity


We’ve been looking at the Son Jung Min case backwards and it appears the police have been too. Doesn’t it seem like the focus has been on “Mister A” and the lack of evidence connecting him to any wrongdoing to Son Jung Min’s demise? “Mister A” was not even an official suspect and resources were poured into proving his innocence. Instead, the central questions of how, when and why Son Jung Min ended up in the river seem to be of sideline importance.

However, in the court of public opinion, “Mister A” and his family are at the moment, forever doomed. They will be branded with a cloud of suspicion that will haunt them wherever they go. In addition, the reputation of the police throughout Korea has suffered an incredible blow. “Mister A” and his family deserve justice too. So do the police. And the best way to accomplish a fairer world for both? A new investigation headed by the prosecution.

The police investigation seems to have failed from the beginning. Its botched start may have voided its own validity. “Mister A” and his family have been accused of using the media to broadcast half-truths and slander while suppressing freedom of speech through predatory and fraudulent litigation. Moreover, even though Son Jung Min’s family lost their son and should be the main contact, Mister A’s family seems to more coordinated with the police department.

This means both the police and Mister A’s family are being highly criticized and scrutinized by the public. Trust in the sacred institution of the police department has forever been damaged. This family may never be able to live this down. If it’s undeserved, it’s simply not fair. We must give both of them the chance to fix this injustice with a fresh, new investigation headed by an unconnected third party – the prosecution. If an untainted investigation clears any doubts still held by the public, they will get the justice they deserve.

Most importantly, the prosecution can put the spotlight where it should have been in the first place: to figure out what happened to Son Jung Min between 3:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. How did Son Jung Min get into the river? What caused the injuries on Son Jung Min’s body? By placing the emphasis on the true victim, we can ensure the grieving family can find peace. This should have been the main priority from day one.

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