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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Hidden in the Storm Drain?

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Residue of a suspicious white powder was found on Son Jung Min’s wallet during the autopsy in the Han River Gate incident to unravel how this 22-year-old medical student end up discovered dead in the Han River five days after he picnicked there with a friend late at night. At first, it was thought it could be drug related. But then, tests revealed it was calcium stearate. Calcium stearate? It’s an innocuous material used as a food additive or a waterproofing agent. The police couldn’t explain how or why it was there. Therefore, like many other ‘inexplicable’ instances in this case, they let it go and moved on. However, is this crucial evidence that strengthens the theory that Son Jung Min was hidden in a storm drain before being dumped into the river a few days later?

Here are the reasons why hindsight leads us to believe there may be more to the ‘storm drain theory’. In any event, we need to relaunch a scientific-based investigation that includes this possible scenario.

His Body Did Not Decompose

Son Jung Min’s father said he was grateful that when his son was discovered, he was able to look upon his child in relatively good condition for one last time. He said he was actually surprised that he looked quite better than expected after being submerged in the river for five days. Perhaps SJM’s body did not decompose according to the scientific laws of being in water, but rather was being preserved according to the scientific laws of a cold, dark chamber.

Storm Drain Cordoned Off During Search

During the search mission, the police fenced off the storm drain area to prevent anyone – including search officers – from entering. Had SJM been in there and evidence left behind, this would have effectively hid Son Jung Min’s tomb in plain sight. Super suspicious.

Static Noise from Tunnel

When I went to visit the park to look at the storm drain myself, I filmed the experience for my YouTube channel. As I started editing the video, I noticed that whenever I pointed my smartphone camera at the tunnel, there would be static interference. Is there a monitoring device inside the tunnel? Creepy.

Location Next to Discovery Point

The storm drain is located right in front of the area in the water where Son Jung Min had been discovered.

Monitored by Another Fake Fisherman?

When I went to visit, there was a man ‘fishing’ next to the storm drain. First of all, this is an illegal area from which to go fishing. Second, he was dressed in a white button-down shirt, wearing a dress watch, dress shoes and had on a commuter back pack. Third, I asked him what he was fishing for and he replied, “I wonder.” Then, when I pressed him further he said, “Bass.” Was he going to stuff the bass into his little Samsonite backpack should he have caught one? He quickly scurried up the riverbank after I asked whether it wasn’t eel he was really fishing for. Why are there so many sus people who try to pretend they’re fishermen these days?


Let’s demand a scientific-based investigation and a full release of CCTV footage into the disappearance of Son Jung Min at the Han River.



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