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Thursday, October 21, 2021

“Friends” Executive Producer Releases Documentary on Korean Dog Meat Industry

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Do Koreans still eat dogs? Sadly, yes. But most Koreans don’t. And most of us don’t even know how the industry operates. We imagine there are just a handful of remaining ‘weirdos’ who still eat dogs lurking about. However, these dog-eating compatriots consume approximately 2 million dogs a year. Yes, it’s a dying industry with a declining consumer base, but it’s still a heck of a lot of dogs to be dying for a low-key problem.

Just recently, one of the Executive Producers behind the mega-hit TV show “Friends”, Kevin S. Bright released his documentary of the Korean dog meat industry titled “Nureongi”. I was able to watch the film and I had a one-on-one interview with him. I’m sharing my discussion with him with you guys right here! He’s adopted two adorable dogs that he saved from the dog meat industry. His film takes a very factual look at the dog meat industry pipeline. All the questions you had but couldn’t ask are answered. Everything from what kind of dogs are bred to what the farms look like are shown in the movie.

“Friends” Creator Kevin S. Bright

The film isn’t meant to condemn anyone, especially Korean people and our culture. It actually has done a great deal of homework for us that no one else would bother doing. By clarifying the myths around the industry, we have the facts to then ask ourselves what we should do and what we can do now. We can help the dog farmers living in poverty who want to escape their dying businesses with new opportunities. We can set up an infrastructure to transition the dogs to new homes.

If you’ve justified the ability to kill and eat a dog, then what other cruel lines are you willing to cross to survive and win in this world? Would you trust a man who’s willing to eat their best friend?


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