Fishermen Caught & Busted? More Witnesses Unravel in Son Jung Min Mystery


Can we really believe the testimony of first-time eel fishermen who claim to have seen a ‘normal looking’ swimmer wade into the Han River at 4:40 a.m. on April 25, 2021 while splashing and remarking how ‘refreshing’ the water felt? An on-site experiment to replicate the moments before 22-year-old medical student Son Jung Min’s disappearance and tragic end shows the fishermen may be telling ye one tall tale.

Plus related CCTV footage unexpectedly puts Witness #6 (the man who woke up Mister A at 4:27 a.m.) into serious doubt. In addition, his so-called ‘wet cell phone friend’ also draws suspicion from security camera recordings at the convenience store. Finally, unedited CCTV clips of Son Jung Min and Mister A seem to indicate Mister A needs to explain the nature of the evening and why it turned out the way it did.

Signal Season #1:
Forensic Files “Drowning Sorrows”:
Introduction to Forensic Psychology:


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