How Fathers & Daughters Birth White Supremacy in U.S. Politics

Political Princesses Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Maura Moynihan

Sarah Huckabee Sanders (L), Maura Moynihan (R)

American history loves to give its former statesmen a wax and a polish after they’ve passed away, especially if their photos are mainly in black and white (except perhaps for Richard Nixon). We’re too lazy to keep track of all their misdeeds and who wants to speak ill of the dead especially since we can acknowledge everyone gave it their best shot while they were on this planet?

The Liberal Case

Well, these facts are very important when their privileged progeny wreak havoc in their name. But as we see the wretchedness can flow in both directions. Here’s how it relates to recent anti-Asian hate crimes. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan made himself a name in Democratic politics as a New England liberal. He even went so far as the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. to fight racism at the global level.

However, it turns out his daughter is a practiced racist herself at the Manhattan level.

Let’s look at the late Senator’s lofty words first.

The very first point to be made is that the United Nations has declared Zionism to be racism — without ever having defined racism. “Sentence first — verdict afterwards,” as the Queen of Hearts said. But this is not wonderland, but a real world, where there are real consequences to folly and to venality.

Speech to the United Nations General Assembly, by U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, November 10, 1975. 

Now here’s what he produced – the so-called self-annointed human rights activist Maura Moynihan. Look at her trying to get an Emmy nomination for her acting role in the back of a cab pretending to be assaulted while attacking a young Korean American couple.

And this is the full report of the incident before it was discovered that the vile racist was the late Sen. Monynihan’s daughter. Remember, these are officially ‘liberals’.

The Conservative Case

Now let’s turn to the good ole South where the good ole proud boys produce conservative red politics and traditional white supremacy.

The former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee plopped a real good one on Twitter this week:

At first I thought it had to be fake because no one of his caliber would ever say this. Yet, it appears he deserves to be much lower on the scale. Like near the bottom. Nonetheless, he drew waves of condemnation immediately, even from evangelical Christian leaders.

Of course, I had to be a little saucy too.

Now his daughter, Sarah Sanders, after her majestic stint as Donald Trumps Press Secretary & Asst. Liar, is running for the governor’s office in Arkansas. Are they trying to create another racist dynasty? Tyranny and generational office hand-me-downs usually lead us to ruin. George W. Bush – the third generation scion led us to the Global Financial Crisis. Donald Trump – the second generation scion led us to Global Laughingstock while passing by Coronaville.

If you see the way modern Korea also is largely run by family dynasties that only started about three generations ago, you can tell relatively early on whether the heirs will be dummies or proper rulers. There’s a reason why they call it generational wealth and not generational leadership. You can outsource work and investments relatively easily to create outsized results for generations. But it’s quite hard to produce heirs that hit home runs every generation. So if Sanders is smart she’ll just coast with whatever pork and grift her father has secured from his time in politics and stay out of the fray.

Otherwise, we may see her in the back of a cab too in a Moynihan-esque breakdown just because she sees two Asian faces.


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