Fake Daddy Exposed in Dead College Student Case?


Is the media part of a cover up in the mysterious death of 22 year-old medical student Son Jung Min? Fingers point to involvement of his friend Mister A in a wrongful drowning in the Han River in the heart of Seoul. Yet Mister A’s family vehemently denies any wrongdoing and the police also concur in their mid-investigation update.

Nevertheless, citizens who say they’re outraged at the injustice of the elite getting away with murder for their kids say manipulation of police, evidence and access to CCTV cameras was obvious from the start. But now, after a popular television program, “Unanswered Questions” (그것이 알고싶다), showed stark bias for Mister A’s family, many believe more and more society’s cards of power are being stacked against Son Jung Min’s favor.

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Audible for Free: https://amzn.to/3fwcjlI


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