Crucial CCTV Footage of Dead College Student in River | Son Jung Min Pushed or Did He Fall? | Part 1


Accident or foul play? Investigators still don’t know how a young medical student ended up dead in the Han River about a month ago. With mounting suspicions of a coordinated cover-up, netizens have scoured CCTV footage to recreate the timeline of Son Jung Min’s last few hours on earth.

In particular, we have been trying to fill the black hole of 3:38 a.m. to 4:27 a.m., which the prime witness “Mister A” says was time spent sleeping on the river embankment. Through digitally enhanced images, especially of the smoking gun at 3:30 a.m., you can see how not all is what it seems with this case.

This new CCTV analysis is the best shot we have at cross-checking eyewitness accounts, alerting ourselves to new eyewitnesses we missed, discovering indications of evidence tampering and answering the question of what happened to Son Jung Min?

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