Criminal Charges Filed Against “Mr. A” by Son Jung Min’s Father | Han River Mystery Case Continues


In a bold move to prevent the police from abandoning the investigation into the mysterious drowning of a 22-year-old medical student in the Han River two months ago, the victim’s father filed criminal charges against his son’s drinking companion that night, “Mr. A”. Even with no plausible explanation to explain how Son Jung Min ended up missing for five days with unexplained head injuries, it was widely expected that the police would conclude its investigation and rule the case an accidental drowning or suicide.

However, with Son Jung Min’s father filing two charges against the prime person in question, he has prompted the police department to delay their decision as to whether to wrap up their investigation or add an additional month. Yet, with this move, Son Jung Min’s father now has the option of sending the case to the prosecution regardless of the police department’s final assessment. The prosecution can reject the case, but with heavy public interest and a potential political touchdown for prosecutors, there’s a chance that there may be a reinvestigation.

But does the “recent biggest-ever reshuffle of prosecutors” at the Justice Ministry have anything to do with the replacement of “prosecutors leading politically sensitive investigations” on this case? Find out more in the video!

If you’d like to send your recorded thoughts about the Son Jung Min mystery and be featured on the channel, please do the following:

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Email the files or upload as unlisted videos on YouTube and email the links to: I’ll download it and edit it into a future video! From Koreans I’ve talked to here, they’re really curious about how people around the world think about this case. And they’re really touched that so many of you have cared so deeply and have found a shared mission to right some serious injustices in this world. I look forward to hearing from you!

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