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Classic Scams of the Korean Room Salon Girl & the Connection to Corruption, Coverup and Conspiracy

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How is a conspiracy and coverup quickly arranged and held together as suggested in the Son Jung Min mystery? And how could basement entertainment clubs full of attractive working girls connect all these dots? You’re about to find out about the shady underground world of the Korean room salon. Oh, and do you also want to know how to lose $50,000 in two months in a place like this?

Long tolerated as a necessary evil to facilitate business and social life in chauvinistic Korean hierarchy, these entertainment establishments catering to men are simply places where a man lives out a fantasy for a few hours. But no longer will women, drink and song bring down a man, the game has become much more vicious and sophisticated.

Watch how quickly a semi-skilled room salon scam girl can fleece a victim. Then extrapolate the effects of the victim’s losses on his family, his career and his reputation. What would this man be willing to ‘overlook’ or ‘accommodate’ to restore his life to a time before he got tricked?

We’re not necessarily saying room salons were involved in the SJM case. But are they common tools to hatch plots and seal quick deals to coordinate dark plots? Yes, yes, and yes! Have most Korean men gone to one? Yes! Do most Korean housewives tolerate their husbands going, especially if their jobs depend on it? Yes! Instead of ignoring them in shame, should we examine them in curiosity like opening up a Swiss watch to see how the innards tick? Yes!

As I was mentioning the topic of this video to a producer at one of the broadcasting stations I work for, she told me that one of her acquaintances almost divorced her husband over his one-year-long dalliance with a room salon girl. He got scammed out of $100,000, which she (THE WIFE) decided to pay.

I feel really sorry for them, especially the wife. But let’s bring it back to the SJM case as an analogy. And no shade, but think for a second. Wouldn’t you think the two would be mighty tempted if the husband suddenly got offered a bribe for $100,000? I bet the wife would even help out in whatever the request would be.

Even among law enforcement there can be men in similar predicaments. Going to room salons is not necessarily frowned upon, per se. And oftentimes, if you refuse you could hurt your career, which even the wives acknowledge. Thus, the odds increase for men to fall into one of these traps. All you need to move ‘justice’ in your favor is to find which men are in a tight spot and offer them a lifeline. But of course you have to structure the deal to offer the final payment after a successful outcome.

Source for Korean Room Salon Girl Scam Method:
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