At the River to Find Some Answers


Join me on a real journey around the Banpo Han River Park to visit key areas in the ongoing mystery surrounding the death of 22-year-old medical student Son Jung Min. We’ve still not solved why this young man ended up dead in the river after an abrupt invitation to have drinks on a picnic mat with his college buddy Mr. A. Instead of the police investigation focusing on the puzzling timeline of Son Jung Min’s disappearance and drowning, the star of the case became Mister A. Even though Mr. A was not even an official suspect, it appears that strenuous efforts were made to prove that Mr. A had no involvement in the demise of his friend.

Yet, the only person confirmed to be with Son Jung Min during the critical hour of his disappearance on the river bank from 3:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. is Mister A. There have been no other witnesses called by the police to account for Mr. A and SMJ alone on the riverbank during this time, even though CCTV footage shows plenty of people around. CCTV footage of the riverbank could shed some light, but even though it exists, mysteriously, it’s not being made available.

The only account of this missing hour is contained within Mister A’s testimony, which has no exact time stamp and has the caveat of being part of an 8-hour-long blackout in which Mister A claims no memory of the entire evening as a whole.

However, the police have treated Mister A’s testimony as the definitive statement of fact. It prematurely wrapped up its official investigation and declared no wrongdoing on Mister A’s part. But what of the cause of Son Jung Min’s death? Shouldn’t the investigation conclude once that question has been answered? If the investigation ended because the police were satisfied Mister A could not be found guilty, then it becomes clear that the investigation’s star was Mister A, not Son Jung Min.

To rub salt into the wound, the police ended the match when there was still time left on the clock to score points. On a technicality, has been able to sideline the continued investigation it’s required to conduct to fulfill its obligations to the criminal charges pressed by Son Jung Min’s family against Mr. A. It said it would do it’s best to help… like a devious gentleman who already sent his ill-gotten trophy away on an earlier cargo boat with the chauffeur.

Let’s take a look at the site of the night’s tragic events together. We’ve examined the evidence and footage very rationally and coolly from afar. Now, I share with you how the space actually feels and what I pick up from the park. I’ll even show you a special visitor whom I believe is stepping in from the dimension right next to ours – encouraging us to keep striving for a better world.

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