Are Murders Hidden in Korea’s High Suicide Rate?


In the past year, police discovered five dead women in remote areas of Daegu – all naked from the waist down. None of the cases were ruled as murders. Just two weeks ago, two more women in their early twenties were found in very similar circumstances and the Daegu metropolitan police department immediately ruled the case a suicide. They believe the two jumped from the rooftop of the five-story building next to the gravel parking from which they were found.

Before an adequate investigation could be conducted, it’s believed the result had already been concocted in these cases, say critics. Indeed, even in the Son Jung Min case, there’s a strong feeling that the police investigation has not focused on figuring out how SJM died. Rather, resources have been poured into making sure “Mister A” is not found guilty due to lack of evidence. However, “Mister A” is not even an official suspect, yet he has demanded the full cooperation from the police.

Are we being tricked by Korea’s low, low crime rate? Are there rampant murders taking place and being swept under the rug as suicides? How will we move forward as a society when people can literally get away with murder and even blame their victims as unfortunate souls who took their own lives?

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