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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Angry Daddy Calls SBS Fraudulent, Brazen & Shameless!

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“The show and its producers are shameless, brazen and fraudulent! I am enraged. They shouldn’t have been deceptive with me.” These are some of the words Son Jung Min’s father shared on his blog about his most recent feelings about SBS and their arbitration proceedings. The current conflict centers on whether SBS needs to drastically revise or even delete their episode of “Unanswered Questions” on the disappearance of Son Jung Min – a 22-year-old medical student who went missing in the Han River in April 2021.

According to Son Jung Min’s father, the station has shown it’s ready to pull every underhanded legal maneuver and that pissed him off. He is particularly upset that his son’s death and his efforts to help the station brought in record ratings and ad revenue that’s now being used to attack him legally.

Even though the station requested a delay in the proceedings, the press arbitration board refused the request. The hearing will commence in mid-August. In the meantime, we are still awaiting the police to wrap up their supplemental investigation into the criminal charges filed by Son Jung Min’s father against Mr. A and the release of the final investigation report.

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