2021 Really Needs to Get Serious about the Future

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All I wanted from Christmas 2020 is for the year 2021 to get its head screwed on straight. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, how about we make declarations this year? Since we’ve had enough of quarantined inner work and soul searching, let’s skip the redundant promises for self-development.

It’s just time to tell 2021 what we need and want. Do you think America would’ve gotten anywhere if we had a ‘Resolution of Independence’? Try your new year’s DECLARATIONS. Here are some of mine.

  1. I declare 2021 needs to stop saying we need to “get back on track”. That track was dead and at the end of its line. It’s probably why we went off the rails in search for a new direction. But instead of smoothly shifting tracks, we’ve been arguing with each other.
  2. I declare 2021 shifts how we view the U.S. Congress as either 1) a quick-fix dispensary to put out fires or 2) a funny money casino where special interests just try to grab as much as they can. Voters and representatives need to align to long-term success.
  3. I declare 2021 to bless infrastructure development and clean energy projects to lead world economies forward. Move towards jobs, climate improvement and a dash of hope.
  4. I declare 2021 brings real structural reforms for checks and balances to South Korea’s developing democracy. A cabal of elites shouldn’t be able to hijack the prosecution and courts. However, the solution shouldn’t be a competing gestapo-level corruption bureau that can be weaponized by a vengeful cabal. I declare it’s time to end the ‘who’s the more powerful punisher’ mentality and create a non-partisan structural system of checks and balances.
  5. I declare 2021 to smash crabs-in-the-bucket mentality. Sabotaging each other has made earth one big bucket of crabs.
  6. I declare 2021 wake more people up to represent themselves. Let them be empowered to make the small, immediate changes that are directly in their control. I declare they will stop outsourcing their personal power up to a false messiah.
  7. Lucky Seven: I declare 2021 will give us plenty of luck if we meet it halfway with all of our effort.

2020 did show us the hard way of where we should go. And the winners, at least measured by the stock market, were companies that are hyper-focused on the future. We need the resources to have the rest of our communities catch up.

And for those who want to enjoy the privilege of the ‘way things were’ or want to keep things ‘the way they are’, you still have to depend on a stable future to keep living in the past.

Stability does not come from inaction or purposefully slowing the rate of change. We have to allow natural evolution to take place, especially in our societies.


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