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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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He’s Literally a Mitsubishi Professor

Wow. All I can say is I never expected Harvard to sell out its name so easily to far-right Japanese extremism for money.

Law & Order: Korea Corruption Investigation Office

There's democracy. There's fascism. And then there's Korean Demoscism - a blend of democracy and fascism that churns beneath dynamic Korea.

How to Stop Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes

The 1,900% rise in anti-Asian American hate crimes now has a narrative on national mainstream media, which of course comes as a shock. But...

Why Covid is Like an Airborne STD

"Condoms" are more important than tests right now The core of America's backward response to the coronavirus may not be Trump or anti-maskers. It might...

If Joshua Had to Go, Why Can’t Trump?

Twenty-four-year-old democracy activist Joshua Wong is currently serving a 13.5 month prison sentence for his role in 'inciting a siege' at the police headquarters...

How Dying from Air Pollution Protected Korea from Covid-19

America you are so late to the party if you're only hearing about KF-94 masks after 420,000 coronavirus deaths. We watch in horror when...

No Consequences for Those Who Grab the ‘Precious’

There's still one ring to rule them all - at least until you get thrown in jail. It resides in the presidential Blue House...

The Common Thread of Impeached U.S. Presidents

What separates an impeached president from those that are merely corrupt? As I noted last year when it puzzled me that I couldn't isolate...

Finally… Korea Admits Blacklist of Citizens is Unconstitutional

Quietly, like a little blip before Christmas Eve 2020, the Constitutional Court of Korea finally ruled that it was a big no-no for President...

Trump Finally Crosses Impeachment Red Line

The Capitol Hill riot by Trump Supremacists marks a one-year anniversary. Last year before we had our friend Corona starting to wreak havoc, there...

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