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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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The Reason Why Korea’s the Only Country with Green Onion Chex… (and Taste Test)!

Amidst great fanfare this summer, Kellogg's finally released its Green Onion flavored Chex breakfast cereal. I ignored it. Didn't care. We had masks and...

How to Protect Your Office from Coronavirus

Many in Korea are on a rotational schedule alternating between work from home and work at the office. If we must go to the...

Hyundai Motors’ Unlucky Timing

Amid an economic downturn and global pandemic, we're in the middle of a golden age in Hyundai car quality. Let's hope choppy sales...

What Happens After a Successful Birth Search?

Now that you've watched the akaDAN documentary, don't you want to know what happened after Dan Matthews found his birth family? We did. So...

Adoptee’s Journey Back to Korea to Meet His Birth Parents

A Korean American adoptee finds his way back to South Korea to find his birth family. He finds his father, mother, sister and twin...

What are Buddhist Monks Banned from Eating?

Korean temple cuisine has become a hot trend because it makes vegetarian food so delectable, cleansing and beautiful. Vegetarians often rely on garlic and...

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