5 Reasons Why Guys Leave Socks Around the House


Remember that guys are littering the hallways with good intentions.

Most moms, girl friends and even nitpicky boyfriends are constantly baffled why men leave their socks around the house. One half may end up collecting dust in a remote corner while the other may have made it to the laundry. Though we often accuse the dryer of ‘eating’ our socks, the real reason may be much simpler.

Here are 5 reasons why guys leave socks around the house.

5. It feels cleaner to take them off

A sock has been stuffed inside a shoe that probably hasn’t even been ‘washed’ so if you’re the type to take your shoes off in the house (and everyone should btw), why would we want to stop there? If it isn’t cold, then it would be better to wear house slippers once we get back into our own abode.

4. We want the freedom

Going barefoot is natural, primordial and our version of instant self care. You want us to shed the stress of the outside world? We take off our socks. You want us to feel more grounded and connected to the family? We take off our socks. You want us to be present for you? Let us take off our socks first.

In our minds socks have a 24-hour shelf life

3. Saving the socks for later ‘just in case’

Since we fling off our socks the first chance we get, it may not be the end of the day when they come off. And since we don’t want to waste our supply of socks, we keep them around just in case we have to put them back on later. In our minds, socks have a 24-hour shelf life. Why take another fresh pair of socks just for a 10 minute trip to the corner store when you can put your ‘today’s’ socks back on?

2. We forgot we saved socks for later

The problem arises when we forget we saved some ‘socks for later’ and the 24-hour window has passed. Now it just looks like negligence or entitlement that someone will clean up after us. But we really just forgot that the socks we left on the floor were meant to be used for a good purpose at least one more time.

1. Reducing Laundry

By now it should be obvious that the biggest reason why we leave our socks around is reduce the amount of laundry. Whether we do it or this task is assigned to someone else in the household, isn’t it admirable that we are trying to conserve resources? Time, electricity, gas, water, wrist joints from folding and organizing drawers are some of the drains on our lives we’re trying to plug up by saving our socks.

Nonetheless apologies are in order

Let him run out of socks.

However, for this system to work, it is up to the man to be diligent with the follow up on his socks. We recommend that there be a grace period for socks that expires at midnight everyday. All socks by then should be thrown in the laundry hamper. Should you have to leave the house after midnight, either go barefoot or put on a new pair. If socks pile up from previous days, we admit it’s the guy’s fault. We just wanted to clarify that the initial thought was based on good intentions. Socks aren’t necessarily placed in random spots as an attack on moms and girlfriends.

stubborn solution

For stubborn cases, you can store the retrieved socks next to the laundry and let the guy run out. Your guy will learn real quick since he was rationing his socks like spending money to begin with. Not having socks and having to face the world is worse than going out for the day without your wallet.


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