How to Win Against Karens


By now we’ve all seen video evidence that ‘Karens’ are a pandemic older than the coronavirus. But instead of infecting our biology, ‘Karens’ invade our social systems. They’ve found countless ways to ‘report you to the principal’ long past childhood to their last dying days.

Until now, they’ve largely succeeded because we’ve let them. Hearing about a Karen’s mishap doesn’t seem actionable if recounted by a third party. It’s the video of Karen in the wild, in action, and without dilution that’s led us to recognize she’s destroying the fabric of society. And over what? Lattes, parking spots, and most vilely… people of color.

When confronting a Karen, ignore their volume and pageantry. Instead, hone in on the institution or privilege she’s pulling out to create fear and leverage. Don’t try to reason over the drama she’s creating. There is no reason and there is no drama. Attack her connection to the social system that she says has her back. Chip at it and crack it apart. Take a few breaks intermittently to attack what she’s wearing. And go at it again. Then, threaten her by naming the social system or privilege that has your back. She’ll soon leave.

there is no reason and there is no drama


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