Fall Asleep While Laughing to ASMR Hair Shop Ajumma

gag woman asmr hair shop lady

Do you find you’re scrolling through too many ASMR videos that are creepy, depressing or too sexual when you just want to fall asleep in a good mood? This rare gem of an ASMR video successfully combines comedy and sound stimulation to relax you.

Korean gag woman (comedienne) Yumi Kang has made a YouTube channel full of ASMR sketches. But this one is by far the best. She’s the neighborhood hair dresser who starts off by munching on dinner in between clients. She captures the exact mood of a run-down hair salon in Korea that doubles as a neighborhood hangout for the local moms. Her eating sounds are so familiar to those who know Korean food it gives you the chills.

Most of all, her banter is so real that even her messed up eyebrows seem true on point too.

Be sure to auto-translate into English if you need. On the video screen hit the settings icon and go to subtitles. Choose auto-translate and select English or any other language that’s available.

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