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Sunday, February 28, 2021

I Don’t Know Why But I Can’t Stop Watching the Tiger Coming Down

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Remember that strange ‘What Does the Fox Say’ video that made everyone stop what they were doing to watch? Well, now it’s all about a tiger that may be coming down the mountain.

Lee Nalchi (이날치), a group that modernizes traditional Korean music, teamed up with Ambiguous Dance Company to release this video called Beom Nae lyuh Ohndah (범내려온다) about a year ago, but it’s still making the rounds as more people can’t stop watching it. The repetitive refrain is the title of the song and it means ‘The tiger is coming down.’

The lighting is captivating and there’s an immediate juxtaposition between old and modern when you hear the music. It’s pansori created with modern instruments. But it must be repetitious lyrics and the dancing that creates some sort of trance that calms you down. What sort of sorcery is this?

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