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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Can I Get a BTS Macbook Air M2 Special Edition Please?

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The BTS meal at McDonald’s this spring was largely a letdown. Most of the time, you couldn’t even get the purple bag, which was the main differentiator between the “BTS meal” and an ordinary Chicken McNugget set. Sure, some people made a big deal about the sauce… the sauce? But if we’re just going to stick to aesthetics, then do you know what would be more than satisfactory? A purple special edition BTS M2 Macbook Air. Purple. Special Edition. BTS. Apple. Macbook Air. M2. 16GB RAM upgradable to 32GB please.

Since the Macheads love creating prototypes and living in endless rumors about release dates, I even made up my own prototype on Canva. You’re welcome. Apple and Big Hit you can please send me one by email me for my mailing address! Thank you bye~!

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