Who’s Taking Pizza to the Next Level in Korea?


Pizza in Korea is evolving into its own world-class level of quality… similar to Korean fried chicken’s ascent over American fried chicken, dare I say. My only gripe is that pizza is overpriced. But perhaps that’s the margin needed to continually increase the quality.

One of the successful wood-fire pizzerias in the early rounds of artisanal Napoli-style pizza coming to the market is Buzza Pizza. Check out the review video below.

If you want New York style pizza that stays as close as possible to American level saltiness and texture, Gino’s Pizza is on the next level. I had delivery for the first time and you can tell they really pay close attention and care. Very delicious and expensive pizza. Don’t tell them, but I thought the complimentary cheese breadsticks tasted better than the pizza!

And for a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint run by a hard-working fellow who makes amazing woodfire pizzas, check out the Red House Pizza near Seoul Station. The large individual sized pizzas are reasonably priced and have amazing texture.


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