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Let’s Try All of Korea’s Top 40 Snacks of the Year

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What are the best snack foods from Korea? In this video, I try out the top 40 treats by total sales from 2020 and give my review on flavor and taste. I was inspired by my continued shock that “Home Run Ball” has so much popularity after we saw how Son Jung Min bought it that night with Mr. A at the Banpo Han River Park. It ranks #2 on this list!

Since I wasn’t content with just perusing the list of the top 40, I had to order ALL FORTY snacks and share them with you all! Enjoy!

Top 40 Snacks by Total Sales (2020)

Korean Snack Box

KF-AD Breathable

Black All Keeper
KF94 https://amzn.to/2VPYcRd

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